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How to quickly build a customer base and select test subjects for training.

Beginners are often afraid of the lack of customers. But if you have gone through good training, purchased high-quality materials and equipped your workplace, a start has been made. Be patient and act.

As "guinea pigs" invite friends and good friends. Pay attention to the groups in social networks in the style of “Looking for models”, where beginner masters offer their services for a small price (and sometimes for free).

Perform the first work for advertising in social networks and photos. Advertise with repost your first customers, the announcement of all kinds of promotions and contests - the easiest and most effective way of promotion.

Be sure to attach to the post photos of your work, information about the cost of services, on what materials you work and where you are geographically. If you’ve never experienced social network management, see how your colleagues do it.

Why is the customer not returning?

Did not like the atmosphere. Well, they didn't make contact, everything happens, we are all human.
2. Not satisfied with the quality. No comments.
3. High price. Truly, this reason sounds like “gotten little value.”
4. Just forgot, rolled up, but in principle ready to come again
Reasons 1 and 2 are unlikely to break. No, you can, of course, but on
it will take too much effort and there is little likelihood that they will come - the person in this case, as a rule, has already made a decision, and your message, they say, I realized, corrected and waiting for you to visit - will not work.
But 3 and 4 - quite working "failures".

In 3 cases we offer the client a special offer or a special offer.
In the 4th case - we remind you that it is time to do a service, asking, for example, whether the result of the procedure suits them, how things are and all that.

All this is understandable, but how to find out why a person did not come?
First, you will immediately receive some kind of feedback, some - when you ask for a review - at this stage, 1 and 2 reasons can already be revealed that the client will not come (the client’s dislike of the master or his dissatisfaction with the quality is hard to hide) ).

Secondly - ask.
But to write, “Even when you were away for a long time, why aren't you coming?” Is not desirable (although it sometimes works). The information channel is needed - it is better to give a person a favor in the very first message. Tell, than you became better. For example, tell about new products, changes in materials, service, and so on.

So, write the news-info newsletter, then ask what the result of the procedure is, is the client satisfied? All asked. Here we calculate those who merged for 1 and 2 reasons. They will either not respond or express discontent.

If a person answers affably and is satisfied with the result, then we continue the conversation - now we first work out reason 4 and invite you to the procedure (and the person can enroll himself if he has 4 reason - he just forgot, but you reminded him - but if he does not offer - remind). If the person had reason 4, he will either write himself or respond to your invitation. If it merges again, offer a discount / promotion / special offer from the category “especially for you”.

Yes, there are tactful girls who politely communicate, but simply because they are embarrassed to send - and then they merge all the same.

Then be sure to ask why they left. This is a priceless feedback - what you improve.

P.S. In order not to bury such losses, install a crm system — you don’t need to check it, she will tell you which of the clients should come when.