How to glue tape eyelashes step by step: tips and instructions

How to glue tape eyelashes at home

Every girl wants to look irresistible. One aspect of makeup is expressive eyes. Not all eyelashes are long, thick and dark, and mascara does not always save. In this case, resort to invoices. There are several types of overhead: bundle, half a century and tape. On the last in the article and tell. If you decide to resort to artificial, then surely the question arises: how to glue tape eyelashes?

What are the features of tape eyelashes

This type of false eyelashes - easy to use at home, it is a ribbon with hairs that you need to carefully stick on the line of their growth. There are several types of consignment notes: mink, sable and silk. Do not pay attention to the name - they are all made exclusively of synthetic materials. Different types of artificial hairs are suitable for different situations:

- Mink - the most similar to natural, suitable for daily use.
- Sable - the thickest.
- Silk false eyelashes are suitable for evening makeup or gala parties. The thickest, silky and shiny.

Preparation before gluing

Ribbon eyelashes come in different colors and variations: from simple overhead, creating the effect of naturalness, to the most unusual with feathers, rhinestones, decorative ornaments, etc.

False hairs can be selected by length. For a celebration or a themed party, you can give plenty of imagination, but for daily makeup, try not to use those that are much longer than your own. Pay attention to your incision eyes. Girls with a large cut eyes can allow long eyelashes, with a small cut is better not to experiment. Agree, small eyes with huge hairs look too defiant and not attractive.

False cilia should be selected on a thin ribbon.

Next you need to choose glue. The one that comes with even high-quality and expensive eyelashes does not differ in quality. Therefore, it should be bought separately. Do not chase for cheap, better buy quality glue that does not hurt the eyelashes. A quality bonding agent should roll off on the tips like a silicone with your finger, and it can be easily pinched off from your fingers. It is always sold in small tubes. The color of the glue may be black or transparent. Black is used for evening make-up, white is better to choose if you use false hairs for the first time - it is less noticeable in front of your eyes.

You should also get liner to hide the gap between your eyelashes and overhead.

Step-by-step instructions for self-sticking

Special tricks are not needed, ribbon hairs are quite easy to use and you can stick them on your own at home. We do this step by step:

- It is necessary to make an ordinary make-up - make up the eyelids with shadows, tint with mascara.
- Using tongs, remove false eyelashes from the package and cut off the tail.
- Try on the hairs, if the tape is too long, you can shorten it with nail scissors and adjust the length.
- To make the hairs more elastic and easier to glue, rub them in the palms.
- Dot the glue on the tape, it is best to do it with a toothpick. Wait until the composition thickens. It will take up to 20 seconds.
- Gently glue, trying to get as close as possible to your eyelashes. It is necessary to apply from the outer corner of the eye to the inner. Wait for the adhesive to be taken.
- Repeat all with the second eye.
- Check the quality of sticking. Tighten the glued base with a toothpick. They should not break away from the century, firmly hold on to it.

Between your hairs and overhead will be a small gap, to hide it, you need to draw arrows with liner. Also eyeliner can hide asymmetry. It is better not to use a pencil, it can spoil the appearance.

After it is possible to tint ink on a water basis.

How to remove false eyelashes

At bedtime, relax your eyes and remove the false eyelashes at home. In no case can not pinch off - along with invoices you can pull out your own. It is better to use a special solvent or fat cream.

Smear on the eyelids with a solvent or cream, wait until the glue has dissolved. Then gently remove the artificial tweezers. Gently rinse the hairs, removing residual glue, dry them and put in the package until the next time. Overhead with proper removal can be used a second time.

After using artificial, you should use a caring agent for the eyelids. Artificial hairs should not be worn often - it will damage the health of their own.

Now you know how to glue false eyelashes, how to take them off, and what to do so that they serve more than once, you can safely transform your appearance in this way.


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